The Maundy in Maundy Thursday comes from the Latin root mandatum, or commandment. This is taken from Jesus’ words in John 13:34: – A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. Before speaking these words, Jesus, the Lord of the Universe did an unbelievable thing to teach His disciples about that kind of love. He girded Himself with a towel and knelt down to wash the disciples’ feet. In the days of Jesus, washing the dirt off someone else’s feet was a task reserved for only the lowest ranking servants, and slaves. Imagine … The King of the universe kneeling down with the towel and basin at the feet of His own disciples? Too marvellous to fathom. Hands that shaped the stars now wash away filth. Fingers that formed mountains now massage toes. And the one before whom all nations will one day kneel now kneels before his disciples. Hours before his own death, Jesus’ concern was singular. He wanted His disciples to know how much he loves them and to tell, “I have set you an example, that you might do as I have done unto you.” That is love in action, & it is the power that can turn the world right side up!

On Maundy Thursday, Jesus dropped to his knees to scrub away every ethnic and economic hierarchy from the church. Through that act, Jesus upset cultural norms calling us to a place where we will serve one another. That is why He said by your love; all will know that you are My followers. He said in Luke 22:26 – you shall not be like the worldly rulers. Instead, the greatest among you should be like the youngest, and the one who leads like the one who serves. Maundy Thursday reminds us of the Son of Man who came to earth as a slave to be crushed for our sake to free us from the slavery of sin and eternal death. His love is so vast that we cannot measure. He is our Servant, King. Let us worship our servant King. What is the significance of Maundy Thursday during the time of plague that sweeps over the world? This reminds us that just as God cares for us, we need to look at the struggling people and support them with provisions, love, comforting words, and most of all prayer, praying with tears and burden that can reach the throne room of God.
The greatest tragedy of life is a life without any purpose. Do you want to find the purpose or the WHY of your life? Then first find out the WHO of your life, and you will end up discovering the WHY of your life.

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