Humility is not about hiding from the world. Holiness is not about living a dull life. Live a courageous and pure life that inspires and ignites others! A truly liberated woman is one who has risen to the place where God wants her to be, amidst all odds. She will be the voice for the voiceless, strength to the underprivileged, and a light to the dark world.

We need a broader picture of womanhood. True liberty is not about arguing over petty issues, whether women can lead or preach; it is about being a woman after God’s own heart. It is to be like Martha for whom service was initially drudgery but changed to delight after her encounter with the Master. It is all about rising up to that higher calling as planned by God to live a life of excellence wherever God has called us to be.

Mary Magdalene was liberated by the risen Saviour, and that is the reason she reached an enviable place in human history. She was liberated from the seven evil spirits living within her by one powerful Word uttered by her Master. All her rottenness, her greed, her pride, her pain, her hurt, her loneliness, and all her bitterness were gone forever by that Word. She was liberated to tell the story of the Lord’s resurrection power.

Mary Magdalene became a woman of faith, a gentle follower of Jesus Christ, and a living monument who lived to tell the story of her Resurrected Saviour. Her devil gaped eyes reflected God’s glory; her lips twisted by evil spoke gentle words of the Love of her Savior, and the body crooked with pain and bitterness beamed with the marks of rebirth. Her purposes were renewed, her discouragements were replaced with hope, and her sense of loneliness and isolation was replaced with joy.

The Deborah of the Bible was a liberated woman, a singular biblical figure to become a female military leader. She was a judge, a prophetess, and a seer. She was looked up for her position in society and for the authority she had. She was able to articulate her voice to advocate on behalf of others, and rightfully made an impact for the Kingdom of God. She arose and challenged the status quo amidst cultural conflicts. Her courage had indeed inspired other women, such as Jael. When we use our voices, our influence, and rise beyond our own feeble strength to fulfill our callings, others are strengthened, invited, and empowered to do the same. Just like Deborah and Jael, who served their nation during wartime, we are also living in one of the most important periods in human history.

Right now, we are living in one of the most important periods of our life. Let us use our voice, our time, and even our vulnerability to establish God’s Kingdom on earth. Let us not dismiss our vulnerability; our emotions; our tears as a sign of incompetence to disqualify our self because it can promote others to be vulnerable in their lives too. Let us be bold and take our position in God’s Kingdom without fearing anyone except God! Let us be peacemakers and speak Love, Life, Truth, and Courage into others. Wounded healers are the best healers. Let us be transformed by the power of God without being afraid of our own wounds. Our wounds can eventually become the scars of beauty that will be used by God for His glory! Let us become the liberated woman we are called to be!

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