The Four Big Questions that Science cannot answer 

Chai 3:16 21st February 2020

Science and Faith Workshop with Dr Emmanuel Haqq, Dr Latha Christie and Dr Joshua Kalapatti.

Though there are many questions science cannot answer, I am going to deal today with four big questions posed to us by the latest scientific discoveries. The four big questions posed by four modern scientific discoveries, which science cannot answer.

Sl.No Modern Scientific Discoveries Big Questions
1 Our Universe (Time, space and matter) had a Beginning. If there is a beginning to the Universe, then who or what started it?
2 Milky Way is not the only galaxy, there are around 2 Trillion galaxies in the observable Universe. If there are so many galaxies, why are we not able to find alien intelligent life elsewhere?
3 The physical laws and constants are finely tuned for life to exist. Is there a super Intellect behind this fine tuning?
4 There is a digital code embedded in the DNA molecule in every human cell. Where did the specified information in the DNA come from?

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