Talk on Bridging the Sacred/ Secular Divide

Campus Crusade, Bangalore 11th Jan 2020

Life 2020 Conference (Leader Impact) 

We may claim to be Christians on Sunday, but the rest of the week we live, work and play as if God did not exist. There are parts of our lives that just never intersect and we are fighting a battle to further compartmentalize life. Our schools, media, and even pulpits teach that the Bible focuses solely on Spiritual issues of heaven and eternity while another standard is set for issues of politics, science, work, business, and social issues. Faith is to be a private matter – while the rest of life is lived in public. Living in two different worlds leaves us never really fulfilled in either one. All the time that we are living in our secular world we feel broken and sometimes ashamed that our secular world doesn’t quite match up with our sacred beliefs. While we are in our sacred world of worship the secular world invades our thoughts and energies and vies for our attention so that we stay distracted and unfulfilled. Living in two worlds is frustrating because it leaves us living fully in neither one.

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