Rise of Modern Science

The 96th Theses, Reformation Seminar by ACTs Academy, Christalaya, Koramangala, Bangalore 2.12.2017

The following questions were covered: How did the Reformation spark Scientific Revolution? How did the Christian culture encourage science? How to deal with the problems related to the Interpretation of Scripture? What are the various relationship models between Science and Scripture that emerged in history? How is modern Science related to Scripture? When Martin Luther found that for centuries, the teachings of the proper Word of God had been hidden upon tradition, he started the Reformation, which is all about pulling back the covers and releasing the power of the Word of God and the beauty and the truth of the gospel. It is to insist that salvation is not a man-centered endeavor; rather it is a radically God-centered endeavor. With that concept, what are the areas do we need reformation today?