Hope in Distress

Regional Retreat, Christian Medical Association of India, Christian Fellowship Hospital, Oddanchathram, Dindigul 7.9. 2018

Hope is the heart’s deepest longing. The word “hope” is used around 85 times in the New Testament alone. But if we have a look at the World, we see – terrorism, injustice, and violence sweeping us; Tsunami, earthquake, and floods threatening us, while our youths are losing themselves in this relativistic and internet culture behind the shadows of cynicism and fear. Trapped in despair, the world looks to God’s people, especially medical doctors: “Is there any hope?” Mathew 5:13, 14 says that we are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. We are the hope of this dying world to give hope to the hopeless. In the Christian worldview, hope carries the idea of delayed but guaranteed fulfilment. It is the kind of assurance that something set in motion will, in due time, come to fruition. That is why, the Scriptures grounds the concept of hope in the nature of God – who God is, what God has done, what God has promised. Our hopes and expectations are anchored in a greater and ultimate reality that is both certain and transforming. Afflictions do not become less real, nor are they unimportant or less painful, but they are limited in their reach and possibilities by the knowledge that our Lord Jesus Christ, the hope of glory, walks with us, and lives in us. The gospel message is the only way of hope.

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