Dreaming Big

Graduation Day of final year students, The Cathedral Composite PU College & High School 4.3.2017

What is the meaning of your life? What is your vision? What are your short term and long term goal? What are your dreams? Never think that you are young for your dreams. Dreams are the starting point of all achievements. Eleanor Roosevelt said that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Just as our eyes need light to see, our minds need ideas and dreams to conceive. Even the impossible, can be made possible by a dream. Former President APJ Abdul Kalam India’s Missile Man, a prolific writer, and a speaker says Dream, dream, dream! Convert these dreams into thought, and then transform them into action. Throughout history, humanity has repeatedly demonstrated that focused mental effort can produce miracles. This is because when an idea exclusively occupies the mind, it has the effect of transforming our thoughts into powerful magnets, which attract to us t