Confidence Building & Decision Making

Technical Education Program on Leadership Motivation and Personality Development for NSS Volunteers and Officers, Arulmigu Senthilandavar Polytechnic College, Tenkasi 18.8.2017

Most of us believe that success is bestowed upon only a lucky few and if you ask anybody the reason why they could not succeed they will give the same three permutations of the same three things – Either it is past failures or the bad environment or wrong people in their lives. It’s almost the same for all. But the reality is – pioneers struggle against all the odds. They can transform an idea into reality, even when it doesn’t seem possible. Ask any record breaker. Ask any trailblazer. Ask any world changer how they do it. And they will tell you that building the future is not about fortune smiling upon you. But about asking yourself how hard are you willing to work for your dreams. Because transforming ideas into reality is not about luck; it is about holding tight to what you believe.

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