Beyond the Boundaries of Science: Exploring the Cosmic Story

One day workshop on Christianity, Science and contemporary Society, UESI & Mylapore Institute for Indigenous Studies, ICSA Paripurna Training Centre, Chennai 24.2.2018

My book – Beyond the Boundaries of Science helps the readers to think and reflect on that great question of origin (cosmos and life) that has haunted humanity throughout the ages by setting out on an unrelenting quest for the truth. Like a detective trying to discover the truth by gathering all available evidence, it makes use of various approaches to empirical research, including the latest scientific evidence, to find out what happened before humanity even existed. Scientific disciplines, such as cosmology, archaeology, anthropology, biology, and geology, help to a great extent, in probing deep into the past, searching for the answer to the question of origin. In the light of the rapid pace of scientific developments, this book explores some of the enduring and exciting mysteries of science and the many cosmic puzzles that accompany our greatest scientific advances. Such mysteries include quantum indeterminacy, black holes, the beginning condition of the universe, the apparent fine-tuning of the universe, the transition to life from nonlife, and transitions of one life form to another life form. Progress in science reveals that there are significant gaps in scientific understanding, which can only be filled by metaphysical truths, such as those presented in Christian Scriptures. These point to a divine architect who has created a finely tuned universe, that functions in a consistent manner expressive of the character and wisdom of its designer.