I wrote a day back the story of my fight with Pneumonia around 16 years back and wrote that I would attempt to answer some of the tough questions that arise in our minds when we face struggles in our life; when we face dreadful things. Like COVID-19?

Today I will attempt to answer partially the question – why do we have to face such a dreadful plague if there is a good God?

This perennial question becomes a great problem only to those who believe in an all-powerful, all-knowing, and an all-loving God. Because if we believe that the whole cosmos came on its own and there is no god, and we float in this immense cosmic dark like a mote of dust, then this plague is just an incidence in the cosmic scenario. But this question – why is there suffering becomes poignant, if we believe in a personal, all-loving God, all-powerful and, an all-knowing God.

The question – why do we have to face such a dreadful plague if there is a good God? – has two components. Is God good, and if so, why does He allow that?
Is God good? People always think of goodness as the opposite of evil. But I feel that is not true because good can exist without evil, but evil cannot exist without good. The Triune God what the Bible speaks about is good not because He is good to us, but good in His being. Love is the sum and substance of all virtues, and this love makes sense only in a relational trinitarian God. That is why we call Him good.
When we encounter such dreadful things, many people think that God is punishing us. But if you can look into the world through the eyes of a loving God, you will know the pain in His heart. If you want to know the pain of God, look at Jesus on the Cross. Why did God, the Creator of the Universe, came down? (Even in one song Kannadasan sings as kadavulmanithanagapirakkavendum) To show us His love, His care, and to take the punishment for our sins on Him. That is why Cross – an emblem of shame has become the symbol of worship, and we worship this God-Man on the Cross who can comfort us in our suffering and walk with us as we go through this terrible path.

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