During this COVID 19 period, we wonder how long this little virus will trouble us? How long O God we need to be in this lockdown?

I think meditating on the book of Habakkuk will give us some solutions.Habakkuk cried out – O Lord, how long shall I cry for help, and thou wilt not hear? I cried to you about the violence, but you are doing nothing, O God. Doesn’t that sound like today? Here is a man who is disturbed about his nation. He sees everything going wrong. The people are living in wickedness; there is unrest, violence, injustice, and oppression throughout the land. Those who have the responsibility to correct this do nothing about it. So Habakkuk was greatly troubled. I have been watching for a change, watching for an outbreak of revival, watching for something to happen, yet nothing happens. How long must I continue in prayer, God?” In this sermon in Tamil, I present four things that Habakkuk did after this prayer which we can take it as a pattern while we wait in prayer, while we intercede for our family, for our nation. Firstly, Take your eyes off your problems and look to God and meditate on His character. Secondly, remember what God had done previously in your life. Start thanking Him. Thirdly Get into your prayer closet and apply it to your life and try to listen to His Voice. And fourthly worship while you are waiting in prayer. Rest in God.

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