One Encounter with the

Lord of the universe

will change your perspective, and a

glimpse of the eternal

will make the most ordinary entity to

shine with all brightness

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    Hi Mam

    I am a student of Mount Zion International School. Your motivational talk to us in was very very helpful. I liked it very much. thank you


    Gud Evening

    Your talk on Futuristic Warfare is amazing. In details you explained to nicely. As a layman i could understand very well. Thank you for the efforts you take.


    Gud Afternoon Madam

    Yor talk on the beginning of the universe was so exciting. Yes science cannot answer all things but you have explained and made me think that God exist and this universe cannot come on its own. As you rightly said so many possibilities cannot just happen. Such complex coding just cannot come together on its own. Thank you for opening my understanding.


    Hi Mam

    I heard your talk on O woman Rise up. Its so encouraging when you put it so simple words. We women have to think of our selves too. So many times we remain silent. But you showed us lovingly how we can take a stand and explain to our family members our point of view. Thank you so much once again.



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    I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward
    Call of god in Christ Jesus.
    Philippians 3:14