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No Coincidence in God’s Universe

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As the exit polls are coming out, I preferred not to stay tuned to it but to concentrate on my work. God is Sovereign. If we have done our duty of voting and prayed for a peaceful election, the rest is in God’s Hands. Bible clearly says to pray for our rulers, for our leaders. A Bible-believing Christian will never be shaken whomsoever comes to power because the Government is upon our Lord’s Shoulder (Isaiah 9:6) and He rules over the nations (Psalm 22:28). And, power and promotion come from the Lord alone. Daniel 2:21 says that he removeth kings, and setteth up kings. He is the Intelligent Designer and the Perfect Planner. If He can so beautifully plan and create our universe, our earth, and the life within, He can make everything beautiful in His time.
There is no coincidence in God’s universe. Everything happens as per His purpose.
Yesterday while I drove early morning to St. Marks Cathedral, Bangalore to preach, I was stopped everywhere because of Bangalore marathon and I was re-routed. I was driving around St Marks Cathedral for more than 45 minutes without knowing how to enter inside, because every route was blocked. My car was running on reserve for long and so I started worrying that the car may stop. The traffic police never wanted to help, and when I asked the route, one policeman even told me, please complain that we do not need marathon for Bangalore anymore. I remembered Nehemiah and prayed a one-minute prayer – O God, please send someone to guide me. Within a few minutes, I got a call from Mr. Michael Jebaraj whom i met many years before, and the next 10 minutes, he guided me patiently through a different route so that I could reach finally St. Marks Cathedral. He says that there was no need for him to be there while they announced my name and he accidentally happened to be there. Is this a coincidence or God’s providence? You may decide. But now listen to this message spoken at St Mark’s, though the video may not be clear initially.


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Everything rises and falls on Leadership as nothing succeeds without leadership. Leadership is important for every church , for every government, and for every parent. 90% of the leaders we think as leaders are not leaders but professional manipulators. We find wealth without work, business without morality, politics without principle, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, science without humanity. Who is a leader? The one who empowers others to be a leader. The one who influences, the one who motivates, the one who inspires is a leader. Can we become a leader like that without a title? Can we become like Nehemiah, David, Peter and Paul whom we never call as Rev. Nehemiah, Rev. David, Rev. Peter or Rev. Paul?