Latha Christie, Ph.D.


Dr. Latha Christie has around 65 publications in International Journals & Conferences and also in national journals. She has written three books- a technical book, a book on social cause and another on the intersection between Science and Religion.

  1. Simulation of Multi Sheet-Beams Inductively Loaded Inter Digital SWS
  2. Synthesis of Pillbox waveguide window using Artificial Neural Network
  3. Rectangular slow-wave circuits for millimetre-wave TWTs
  4. Design of a Rectangular Inductively Loaded Inter-Digital Slow-Wave Circuit for TWTS
  5. Calculation of the Parameters for a Ring-Loop slow-wave structure
  6. Design of an inverted slot mode slow-wave circuit using quasi TEM analysis
  7. Design of a 220 GHz Voltage Tunable BWO using Microfabricated Folded Wave guide Structure
  8. Design of a high gain and high efficiency W-band folded waveguide TWT using phase-velocity taper
  10. Design of W-band sheet beam Extended Interaction Klystron for millimeter-wave appplications
  11. Simulation of folded waveguide slow wave structure with grooves for W-band TWTs
  12. Coupled resonator slow wave structures for millimetric wave TWT
  13. Four Beam Folded Waveguide Slow Wave Structure for Millimeter Wave TWT
  14. Design and Simulation of an Ultra Wide band slow wave structure for a millimetric wave TWT
  15. Empty Space Modelling for Detecting Spatial Conflicts across Multiple Design Domains
  16. Simulation of Sheet-Beam Folded Waveguide Slow Wave Structure for Millimeter Wave TWTs
  17. Design and Simulation of a Square Coupled cavity TWT for mm wave Radars
  18. The Design of RF Couplers for a Ridge-Loaded Serpentine Folded Waveguide Slow Wave Structure
  19. Strategies for getting to the top
  20. Empty Space Modelling for Detecting Spatial Conflicts Across Multiple Design Domains
  21. Particle-in-cell simulations of CC-TWT for radar transmitters
  22. Cloud Based Meta Data Driven Product Model
  23. Homogeneous and inhomogeneous coupling structures for coupled cavity TWTS
  24. Analysis of H-Plane Discontinuity in a Rectangular Waveguide using Mode Matching Technique
  25. PPM focusing for high power CCTWT
  26. Analysis of a planar inter-digital slow-wave structure
  27. Design of folded-waveguide interaction structure for Travelling Wave Tube applications
  28. The role of technological advances in change of leadership
  29. Mathematical Model of Sever and Coupler for Folded-Waveguide TWT at W-band
  30. Design and RF Characterization of W-band Meander-Line and Folded-Waveguide Slow-Wave Structures for TWTs
  31. Analysis of a W-band meander-line slow-wave structure for millimeter-wave traveling-wave tubes
  32. P2-24: Numerical simulation of resonant loss in coupled-cavity SWS
  33. P2-21: Optimization of waveguide coupler for coupled-cavity TWT using Artificial Neural Network
  34. Particle-in-cell Simulation of Beam-wave Interaction in Helix Traveling-wave Tube
  35. Advanced Technologies for High Performances TWTs
  36. Inverted Slot-Mode Slow-Wave Structures for Traveling-Wave Tubes
  37. Coalesced-mode Inductively Loaded Interdigital Structure for Broadband TWTs
  38. Analysis of Propagation Characteristics of Circular Corrugated Waveguides Using Coupled Integral Equation Technique
  39. An Improved Wrap-around TE01Mode converter for broad-band and higher efficiency
  40. Numerical simulation of ring-plane, ring-bar and ring-loop slow-wave structures for traveling-wave tubes
  41. Simulation of a Rectangular Inverted slot-mode circuit for TWTs
  42. GUI based package for the design of waveguide window
  43. Time domain simulation of inverted slot mode SWS
  44. Analysis of corrugated wave-guides by coupled integral equation technique and other numerical techniques
  45. Design and Simulation of Inductively loaded Interdigital SWS
  46. Design and development of 6.5 kW X-band inverted slot-mode coupled-cavity TWT
  47. Improved equivalent circuit model of practical coupled‐cavity slow‐wave structures for TWTs
  48. The design of an inter-digital structure for TWTs
  49. 3-dimensional particle-in-cell modeling of a shadow-gridded electron gun
  50. Simulation of the Magnetic Focusing Structure for High Power Coupled Cavity TWT Using MAFIA
  51. Determination of dispersion characteristics of coupled-cavity slow-wave structures using a synthetic technique
  52. Design of Ku-band CCTWT and evaluation of its dc performance using beam stick tube
  53. Three-dimensional simulation and sensitivity analysis of a waveguide window
  54. Analysis Of Coupled-Resonator Slow-Wave Structures For Traveling-Wave Tubes For Aerospace Applications
  55. Remote Controlled Rover with Embedded Software Technology.
  56. An Inductively Loaded Inter-Digital Slow-Wave Circuit For Coalesced-Mode TWTs.
  57. Transverse Focusing Structure for TWTs.
  58. Design of a Transverse Focusing Structure for mm-wave TWT for Radars.
  59. Analysis of Propagation Characteristics of Circular Waveguide Loaded with Dielectric Disks using Coupled Integral Equation Technique.
  60. Mode Matching Method for the Analysis of Cascaded Discontinuities in a Rectangular Waveguide.
  61. Design and Comparison of Waveguide Windows.
  62. Particle-In-Cell Simulations of a Single-Slot Staggered Coupled-Cavity Traveling-Wave Tube.
  63. Resonant Ring for High Power Testing.
  64. Magnetic focusing of electron beams in travelling- wave tubes.
  65. Design of a Depressed Collector for a High Power CCTWT.