Dr. Latha Christie speaks on a diverse range of topics. Apart from technical talks for Conferences, she also speaks on Organizational Excellence, Leadership, Green Technologies, Science related topics, Boundaries between Science and Religion, Motivational Talk for students, Women Issues, Counseling topics like Domestic Violence & Child Abuse, Christian Apologetics and Bible related topics.

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Three Secrets to Success

Carmel PU College, 19.1.2019

We are created wonderfully and wired for greatness. However, only a small percentage of the 5 billion people on this planet live a significant life. There are three secrets for living a successful life:  1. Be the entrepreneur of your life and give 100% to whatever you are doing. The main difference between a person of excellence and a mediocre one is that he knows why he is doing what he is doing, and he gives 100% to it.   2. Be the beautiful one you are created to be. The two traits that make a person beautiful are attitude and gratitude. He will have a good attitude towards success and failures and will look at life with gratitude. Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. 3. Be the flower that blooms in adversity. Like the flower that grows through a crack in the concrete, make the best of your situations and bloom where you have been planted.  And finally, put your hand into the Hand of God and venture into this unknown world.

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Organizational Excellence & the Role of Leadership

Vellore Institute of Technology, 9.1. 2019.

Organizational excellence can be achieved by establishing an internal framework of standards and processes that help in maintaining a positive culture; engaging and motivating employees to deliver products and services that fulfill customer requirements. To excel, an organization needs to focus on all parts of the organization, and optimize the use and effectiveness of all of its resources. There are many frameworks for organizational excellence like the Baldrige Excellence Framework, European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model and so on.  In all the frameworks, the main pillars or attributes of organization excellence include leadership, strategic planning, customer focus, employee focus, resource management, and process management. Leadership is the art of influencing people to perform assigned tasks non-coercively, efficiently and competently. A great leader develops a positive organizational culture and provides the right strategic direction to manage all the attributes of the framework efficiently.

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Terahertz Radiation

IEEE Conf. On Antennas and Propagation, Hyderabad International Convention Center, 18.12. 2018.

Terahertz (THz) radiation has the characteristics of both visible light and microwaves as they fall between that region of the EM spectrum. Though it remained obscure for a long time, it is widely exploited recently due to their many applications in the area of spectroscopy; in high-bandwidth wireless communication; space-based remote sensing; in security and defence where one can detect bombs and concealed weapons and identify harmful substances from a distance, and in non-destructive testing for quality control. THz radiation can also be used for cancer screening, brain imaging, tumor detection, and full-body scanning due to its capacity to yield detailed pictures while being safe.


Electromagnetics for Electronic Warfare and Space Applications

International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation, Cochin University of Science and Technology, 3.12. 2018.

The electromagnetic spectrum is not only an important but invisible part of our life but also of various space and warfare applications due to satellites and wireless routers.  Traditionally microwaves was used in satellite communication but mm-wave satellite communication is gaining importance as mm-waves have considerably broader bandwidths, small and light weight components, reduced multipath effects, reduced vulnerability to jamming and better sea clutter operability. Electronic Warfare (EW), Information and cyber warfare all fall under Electromagnetic Spectrum warfare. EW involves the use of the electromagnetic spectrum or directed energy to control the spectrum, attack or impede the enemy via the spectrum through offense and defense operations. The winning side in future warfare does not only depend on simply using the electromagnetic spectrum, but in dominating the electromagnetic spectrum and more towards network centric operations demanding increased processing capabilities.  EW should support the operations of friendly forces in an electromagnetic environment (ESM),  and suppress the adversaries’ usage of electromagnetic environment (ECM), including detection, denial, deception, disruption, degradation and destruction of enemy’s usage and protection of electromagnetic spectrum. One should be able to sense, protect oneself in the electromagnetic spectrum, and attack to achieve effects like degrade, deny, and destroy.  EW systems should be properly networked to cover warfighters on land, at sea and in the air as lack of integration can lead to failure of the mission. Cognitive EW merges advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology with smart sensors. Due to this, EW system can be adapted in real time during the warfare scenario based on observation and performance.


Women Leaders: The Change Makers

IEEE WIE, SVCE Engineering College, Tirupathi, 17.11. 2018; IEEE WIE, The Plaza, Hyderabad, 14.12.2018.

A change-maker is someone who takes action when they see something needs to be done in their society and the world.  Women excel as leaders who are change-makers as they are relentless in pursuing their goal.  “The hand that rocks the cradle, the procreator, the mother of tomorrow, a woman shapes the destiny of civilization.” Such women challenge the status quo and use a deep-rooted sense of empathy for others, identify a specific problem or opportunity to tackle and do something about it, turning the society into a place of equal opportunity. They are women of dreams and passions who persevere with purpose and determination, and they dazzle by taking the road less traversed, fighting against every atrocity with zero tolerances towards violence, harassment, and oppression.  From science to war to religion, they brought revolution and created history.  They are Marie Curie, Jhansi Rani Lakshmi Bai, Mother Teresa, Ida Scudder, Williamine Fleming, Rosalind Franklin and so on.

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Technological Applications of Electromagnetic Waves

VIT, Vellore, 23.10.2018.

Electromagnetic spectrum starts from very short gamma rays to x-rays, ultraviolet rays, visible light waves, and even longer infrared waves, microwaves to radio waves which can measure longer than a mountain range and travel through the vacuum of space at the constant speed of light. Everything around emits, reflects, and absorbs EM radiation differently based on its composition and the graph showing this interaction is called as a spectral signature which allows astronomers to identify the presence of water and organic molecules in faraway galaxies and to study the sunspots. Microwaves carry thousands of phone channels to our telephone calls and are the backbone of communication and our earth sensing systems. We are surrounded by microwave background radiation which is one of the important evidence for the big bang theory that speaks about the origin of our universe.

An Overview Of Green Technologies

Int. Conf. on Green Chemistry for a Greener Planet, Anna Adarsh College for Women, Chennai, 12.9. 2018.

When sunlight heats the earth’s surface, while some heat radiates back into the atmosphere, some of the heat is absorbed by gases in the atmosphere, keeping the earth warm. This is the greenhouse effect, and some of these greenhouse gases are Carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, Ozone, nitrous oxides, and chlorofluorocarbons. Deforestation, use of fossil fuels, fertilizers and certain industrial processes that release fluorinated gases increase the levels of greenhouse gases leading to global warming that manifests itself as raging storms, deadly heat, continuous rain, record floods and so on. The main goal of green technology is to conserve nature, to protect our environment and to remedy the negative impact that technology advancements have on it.  Some of the examples of green technology are: Green chemistry that involves the design of chemicals, chemical processes and commercial products which avoids the creation of toxic substances by creating alternatives to hazardous chemicals while reducing wastes; Green Nanotechnology that aims in producing nanomaterials and products without harming the environment and life in our planet; Green energy that involves producing energy through natural resources like sun, wind, rain, tides, plants, algae etc., for example, generating electricity from solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, and low-impact hydro facilities and Green Building that refers to a structure that is built using an environmentally friendly process from design, maintenance to renovation.


Hope in Distress

Regional Retreat, Christian Medical Association of India, Christian Fellowship Hospital, Oddanchathram, Dindigul, 7.9. 2018.

Hope is the heart’s deepest longing.  The word “hope” is used around 85 times in the New Testament alone. But if we have a look at the World, we see – terrorism, injustice, and violence sweeping us; Tsunami, earthquake, and floods threatening us, while our youths are losing themselves in this relativistic and internet culture behind the shadows of cynicism and fear. Trapped in despair, the world looks to God’s people, especially medical doctors: “Is there any hope?” Mathew 5:13, 14 says that we are the salt of the earth and the light of the world.  We are the hope of this dying world to give hope to the hopeless.  In the Christian worldview, hope carries the idea of delayed but guaranteed fulfilment. It is the kind of assurance that something set in motion will, in due time, come to fruition. That is why, the Scriptures grounds the concept of hope in the nature of God – who God is, what God has done, what God has promised. Our hopes and expectations are anchored in a greater and ultimate reality that is both certain and transforming. Afflictions do not become less real, nor are they unimportant or less painful, but they are limited in their reach and possibilities by the knowledge that our Lord Jesus Christ, the hope of glory, walks with us, and lives in us. The gospel message is the only way of hope.

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Creativity in Science

Synchronize, Inter College Science Fest, Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, Bangalore, 9.8.2018.

Science is not a closed black box; it is an open field. Imagination and creativity in science underscore the importance of scientists as creative thinkers; those who think outside of the box. Scientists who made world-changing discoveries just thought a little bit harder about what they were looking at, and they were a little bit more curious. And their curiosity changed the world, and so can you. Freeman Dyson at his 94, came up with fantastic science fiction advice, with some incredibly speculative and wonderful ideas, from the imaginative Dyson sphere to the inspiring Dyson Tree, both sparking fierce debate. Richard Feynman solved the Challenger disaster and ended up winning the Nobel Prize in Physics for his Feynman diagrams, describing the movement of subatomic particles. When he was very young, he used to fix radios for his neighbours. Feynman had his way of doing science, which was different from everybody else. He never wrote down equations but just the solutions. It seemed like a sort of magic because he thought in terms of pictures instead of equations. Be different. Be creative as science is Creative.

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Bloom Where You Are Planted

Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College, Bangalore, 24.4. 2018.

Bloom where you are planted. Storms may come, and lightning may strike, but don’t let the joys of this life pass you by. Make the best with what you have. Live each day like it’s your last. Don’t worry about tomorrow and don’t fret about the past. Live in the present. Each new day is a gift. Bloom where you are planted. Practice gratitude. Wake up every morning and remind yourself of everything you’re thankful for. Impact others positively. Bringing people up rather than down improves the world around you. Keep the big picture in mind if you want to bloom. If you begin feeling lost, frustrated, or unhappy, remind yourself of your larger goals and get back on track.  No matter where you are today or what has happened to you, you can look beyond your current circumstances and thrive. You don’t have to stay stuck because you can bloom where you are planted. We can’t always choose the cards we have been dealt, but we can learn to play them. Like a flower that grows through a crack in the concrete, sometimes we have to make the best of our situations and bloom where we have been planted.

EM Spectrum For Space & Warfare Applications

REACT 2018,  SRM University, Chennai,  6.4.2018;  National Level Technical Symposium, EPULZ 2K18,  Thanthai Periyar Government Institute of Technology, Vellore,  14.3.2018.

James Clerk Maxwell, using his famous Maxwell’s equations, predicted the existence of invisible electromagnetic waves in 1865, and Heinrich Hertz became the first to demonstrate the existence of such waves in 1887 by building an apparatus that produced and detected microwaves in the ultra-high frequency region. The electromagnetic spectrum spans from longest wavelength to shortest: radio waves, microwaves, infrared, optical, ultraviolet, x-ray, and gamma-rays– has developed the comforts and pleasures of 21st century life. By 1900, Tesla proposed that radio waves could detect objects, and radar was born. The onset of two world wars pushed the strategic needs to higher frequencies and higher power levels as the lower frequency regions of the electromagnetic spectrum were congested. This motivated the quest for still higher powers and frequencies. Not only for military applications, but also commercial and space applications these waves have played a part. NASA’s Spitzer space telescope observed the presence of water and organic molecules in a galaxy 3.2 billion light-years away. Viewing our sun in multiple wavelengths in SOHO satellite allows scientists to study and understand sunspots that are associated with solar flares and eruptions harmful to satellites, astronauts and communications here on earth.


Women Empowerment

International Women’s day. Good Wills College, Bangalore, 8.3.2018; SV college for Women and Engineering (SVEC), Tirupathi, 11.11. 2017.

India is called Bharat Matha, not Bharat Pitha, but today India has been labeled the worst place to be a woman of all the rich G20 nations, developing nations. The greatest challenge of the 21st century is the inequality and oppression of women.   In a nation like India, women have come a long way, from social and religious oppression like “purdah” and “Sati”, and now though women have many laws on their side, the problem lies deep within; the root of the problem lies in the human mind of an individual accustomed to patriarchal values for years. Atrocities against women like female infanticide, dowry deaths, and marital violence happen both in cities and villages but in cities; it is conveniently kept behind closed doors. My book When the Flame Flickers addresses this problem.  India figures third among the top 10 countries where the highest number of rapes has been reported.  In the last half-century, more girls were discriminated to death than all the people killed on all the battlefields in the 20th century. These abuses have continued because, for too long, the history of women has been a history of silence. The voices of the women must be heard loud and clear: It is a violation of human rights when girl babies are killed;  when women and girls are sold into the slavery of prostitution; when women are doused with gasoline, set on fire and burned to death because their marriage dowries are deemed too small.  Mahatma Gandhi said in 1921, of all the evils for which man has made himself responsible, none is so degrading, so shocking or so brutal as his abuse of the better half of humanity, the female sex. Larry Summers, once said that “It may well be that the highest return on investment in the developing world is in girls’ education.”  Education is one sure answer for this problem.

Beyond the Boundaries of Science: Exploring the Cosmic Story

One day workshop on Christianity, Science and contemporary Society, UESI & Mylapore Institute for Indigenous Studies, ICSA Paripurna Training Centre, Chennai, 24.2.2018.

My book – Beyond the Boundaries of Science helps the readers to think and reflect on that great question of origin (cosmos and life) that has haunted humanity throughout the ages by setting out on an unrelenting quest for the truth. Like a detective trying to discover the truth by gathering all available evidence, it makes use of various approaches to empirical research, including the latest scientific evidence, to find out what happened before humanity even existed. Scientific disciplines, such as cosmology, archaeology, anthropology, biology, and geology, help to a great extent, in probing deep into the past, searching for the answer to the question of origin.  In the light of the rapid pace of scientific developments, this book explores some of the enduring and exciting mysteries of science and the many cosmic puzzles that accompany our greatest scientific advances. Such mysteries include quantum indeterminacy, black holes, the beginning condition of the universe, the apparent fine-tuning of the universe, the transition to life from nonlife, and transitions of one life form to another life form. Progress in science reveals that there are significant gaps in scientific understanding, which can only be filled by metaphysical truths, such as those presented in Christian Scriptures. These point to a divine architect who has created a finely tuned universe, that functions in a consistent manner expressive of the character and wisdom of its designer.

The Mysterious Universe

Radical 2018, Inter college Fest, Women’s Christian College, Chennai, 22.2. 2018.

When a group of astrophysicists attempted the impossible, to calculate the span of the universe, they discovered that the visible universe seems to stretch out at least 24 gigaparsecs in all directions. That’s a radius of 78 billion light-years (1 parsec is a distance of 3.26 light-years). A beam of light can go around the earth seven times in one second. But, even though light travels so fast (186,000 miles per second), it takes about 100,000 years to traverse from one end of our Milky Way galaxy to the other. Now try to wrap your mind around how vast our universe is. This immensity explains why, on the way home on the Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong said, “It suddenly struck me that that tiny pea, pretty and blue, was the Earth. I put up my thumb and shut one eye, and my thumb blotted out the planet Earth. I didn’t feel like a giant. I felt very, very small.”


Science & Religion

Lady Doak College, Madurai, 14.2. 2018.

Are Science and God in conflict? The metaphor warfare or conflict started in 1896 when Andrew Dickson White published a book entitled, A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom. Later this notion was being propagated by few scientists like Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawkins & Peter Atkins. This idea is simply false. Sir Isaac Newton who discovered the law of gravity and wrote the most famous book – Principia Mathematica was a devout Christian. He said: ‘The most beautiful system of the sun, planets, and comets, could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being.’  When you trace back the origins of modern science, it is utterly fascinating what you will find that up until the late 19th century; scientists were typically Christian believers: Kepler, Boyle, Maxwell, Faraday, Kelvin, and others. Modern science exploded in the 16th  and 17th  centuries in Western Europe under men like Galileo, Kepler and Newton because of their conviction that the laws of nature that were then being discovered and defined reflected the influence of a divine law-giver. CS Lewis said, ‘Men became scientific because they expected Law in Nature, and they expected because they believed in a law Giver. Science became the motor that drove their belief in God.



The Marvels & the Mysteries of Science

Dr. Sr. Annamma Philip Endowment Lecture, Stella Maris College, Chennai, 1.2.2018.

Lord Kelvin said in 1900: “There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now. All that remains is a more and more precise measurement.” Within three decades, quantum mechanics and Einstein’s theory of relativity had revolutionized the field. Each discovery seems to unlock a Pandora’s box of even bigger, even deeper mysteries. The world of science creates mysteries as fast as it solves them, and sometimes even faster. Some of the knowledge of the natural world develops a sense of wonder and awe within us. The Greek philosopher Empedocles stated that all matter is made up, in differing proportions, of four elemental substances – earth, air, fire and water which were accepted in Europe until the 17th century to the arrival of Robert Boyle. Due to Priestley’s discovery of Oxygen, all four of the ancient elements were discarded, and later many elements were discovered. Dmitri Mendeleev listed the 63 known elements and their properties in the periodic table and kept some vacant spaces for elements yet to be discovered.  There are so many mysteries like – Why atom is mostly empty space? Why are quarks never alone? Why can quarks not be seen? How to account for the mass? Energy? How about the mysteries and the bizarre nature of Quantum world – The double-slit experiment and the observer paradox; Quantum Entanglement that led the famous Einstein-Bohr debate; Quantum Teleportation and the Quantum Tunnelling? Can particles walk through Walls?

Amazing World of Microwave to Terawave Technologies

IEEE Applied Electromagnetics Conference, MIT, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, 20.12. 2017.

The quest for higher power and frequency in commercial, military, and space applications have pushed the microwave, mm-wave and sub-mm-wave technologies to a much higher level. The spectrum between 300 MHz to 30 GHz is referred to as the microwave band; 30 GHz and 300 GHz is referred to as the mm-wave band, and the 300 GHz to 3000 GHz band is called by electronics engineers as sub-mm-wave and by the optics engineers as Thz band. Starting from the radio, microwave oven and satellite and imaging applications all depend on this spectrum of frequencies. Recently, directed energy weapons using high powered microwaves is becoming strategic game changers in defense applications as they can blow off enemy drones and can destroy enemy ballistic missiles in their boost phase itself. THz wave technologies which are at the borderline between electronics and photonics are used in imaging; non-invasive and non-destructive inspection using spectroscopy due to their low photon energies, that is one million times weaker than x-rays and directivity similar to laser light.  They can be used in surveillance, such as security screening, to uncover concealed weapons on a person, remotely.

Motivation Talk

Rural India Fest, St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore, Dec 2017.

Alexander Graham Bell says that a man owes very little to what he is born with; a man is what he makes himself. A nation’s future will be determined by the home and the school as this is the time to develop uniqueness and the skill that gives success later in life.  You can be from any background but you can change history and can change the world in big ways that can affect millions. You are unique. Check your fingerprints. They will never be the same as your friend. You are uniquely endowed with gifts by your master Creator. You have the greatest strength of God’s power within you. Tap into that power.

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Quantum Physics & its Meta-Physics

Conference on Technology, Religion and Cultural Identity- An Exploration from Comparative Multi-Polar Perspective, Department of Christian Studies, University of Madras, 13.12. 2017.

The four models of the relationship between science and religion are Conflict, Independent (contrast), Dialogue (contact) and Integration (confirmation).  This paper presents the integration model between science and religion based on the metaphysical implications of quantum physics. Quantum physics offers astonishing suggestions about reality and is therefore closely allied to metaphysics Thomas Aquinas suggested that the real world is intelligible. Newtonian science treated it as deterministic. But, at the dawn of 20th century, the deterministic view melted into the abstract mathematical world of quantum physics, with sets of probability waves in Hilbert space, entangled particles and multi-dimensional, curved space-time.  As the universe came to be seen as a strange, counterintuitive realm of imprecision and unpredictability in which paradoxes became the norm, intelligibility was questioned, pointing to the need for metaphysics. For quantum physicists like Neils Bohr, the physical world is mysterious–reality is veiled, and all we can know is how things appear when we observe them. Immanuel Kant calls this “transcendental idealism.” The famed Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle states that probabilities are ineradicable from Physics, leading Einstein to respond, “God does not play dice.” Two metaphysical implications of quantum physics are presented in this paper to build a bridge between religion and science, namely the role of the observer in the double slit experiment and the quantum entanglement. Modern cosmology has confirmed that there is something outside space-time, from which space-time originates, having a rich mathematical structure which could be interpreted as a supernatural reality. Further, the laws and the initial conditions of the universe are finely-tuned, and there are numerous mysterious coincidences, pointing to a supernatural intelligent ultimate reality. Science comes to its limit, or the edge of physical reality, at Planck time and religion reveals that God is on the other side of this boundary. ‘Substance Dualism’ argues that persons are pure spiritual substances, whose soul can continue to exist after the death of the body. Though many suggest that ultimately there is only one material entity – the brain, substance dualism receives support from the metaphysical aspect of quantum physics, which proves that there can be dimensions beyond observable reality.

Modern Warfare Scenario

Loyola-ICAM College of Engineering and Technology, Chennai & Anna Adarsh College for Women, Chennai, 12.12. 2017.

We live in an era defined as the ‘information age,’ and one can see that the advancements in technology have coincided with significant developments in the way militaries of the world wage combat. From the use of cavalry units at the outbreak of the First World War to the deployment of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Operation Allied Force, technology is rapidly changing the nature of warfighting and security operations. The modern military operations require a Network Centric Warfare Approach to ensure that critical information gets to those who need it fast, whether it is those on the battlefield or those making the decisions at HQ. It is not simply new weapons, aircraft or warships that are transforming the militaries of today. The way in which forces communicate, disseminate intelligence, are issued orders, and report back to their commanders has been revolutionized through the use of networks – computer, radio and data networks. Network-centric warfare gives a military the ability to attain a high level of shared battle-space awareness that is exploited to achieve strategic, operational, and tactical objectives as per the commander’s intent.

Rise of Modern Science

The 96th  Theses, Reformation Seminar by ACTs Academy, Christalaya, Koramangala, Bangalore, 2.12.2017.

The following questions were covered: How did the Reformation spark Scientific Revolution? How did the Christian culture encourage science? How to deal with the problems related to the Interpretation of Scripture? What are the various relationship models between Science and Scripture that emerged in history? How is modern Science related to Scripture?  When Martin Luther found that for centuries, the teachings of the proper Word of God had been hidden upon tradition, he started the Reformation, which is all about pulling back the covers and releasing the power of the Word of God and the beauty and the truth of the gospel.  It is to insist that salvation is not a man-centered endeavor; rather it is a radically God-centered endeavor. With that concept, what are the areas do we need reformation today?

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A Tour of Electromagnetic Spectrum

International Conference on Advanced Communication Systems, SV Engineering College for Women, Tirupati, 20.10.2017; One day Workshop on Electromagnetics and RF communication, Loyola ICAM College of Engineering and Technology, 25.09. 2017

Electromagnetic radiation is broadly classified into Radio waves, Microwave radiation, Terahertz radiation, Infrared radiation, Visible radiation, Ultraviolet radiation, X-ray radiation, and Gamma radiation. We are surrounded by waves – radio waves transmitted by a nearby station, microwaves carrying cell phone calls and text messages, waves from our neighbor’s  wifi and GPS units in the cars driving by. Radio waves fill the space around us to bring entertainment, communication, and key scientific information. Pulsars, Quasars that are 10 billion light years away have been discovered by radio waves. Microwaves carry thousands of phone channels to your telephone calls. Using infrared instruments on board, NASA Spitzers space telescope was able to detect nearly 2300 planet-forming discs, in the Orion nebula by sensing infrared, of the dust. Gamma rays have the shortest wavelengths and the highest energies. They are produced by the hottest and most energetic objects in the universe, such as neutron stars and pulsars, supernova explosions, and regions around black holes.

A Spiritual Approach to Freedom

Women’s Freedom Conference, Theme: A deep and holistic approach to freedom, Chennai, 19.8.2017

When Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God comes and lives in us, we become empowered to walk in freedom to a new life. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. We receive freedom from evil, freedom from fear, freedom from the hold of Satan, freedom from condemnation, sin, and death and freedom to walk in power, love, and boldness and to be transformed into the likeness of Christ.

Confidence Building & Decision Making

Technical Education Program on Leadership Motivation and Personality Development for NSS Volunteers and Officers, Arulmigu Senthilandavar Polytechnic College, Tenkasi, 18.8.2017.

Most of us believe that success is bestowed upon only a lucky few and if you ask anybody the reason why they could not succeed they will give the same three permutations of the same three things – Either it is past failures or the bad environment or wrong people in their lives.  It’s almost the same for all.  But the reality is – pioneers struggle against all the odds. They can transform an idea into reality, even when it doesn’t seem possible. Ask any record breaker. Ask any trailblazer. Ask any world changer how they do it. And they will tell you that building the future is not about fortune smiling upon you. But about asking yourself how hard are you willing to work for your dreams. Because transforming ideas into reality is not about luck; it is about holding tight to what you believe.

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Microwave to Terahertz Communication and Sources

International Conference on Energy, Communication, Data Analysis & Soft Computing, SKR Engineering College, Chennai,  1.8.2017; Cochin University of Science & Technology, Cochin, 7.9.2016;  Engg. Design Department, IIT, Chennai, 29.10.2015.

The spectrum between 300 MHz to 30 GHz is referred to as the microwave band; 30 GHz and 300 GHz is referred to as the mm-wave band, and the 300 GHz to 3000 GHz band is called by electronics engineers as sub-mm-wave and by the optics engineers as Thz band. Starting from the radio, microwave oven and satellite and imaging applications all depend on this spectrum of frequencies. Though it was thought that due to the emergence of GaN, vacuum tubes would lose its battle to solid-state devices, vacuum technology has continued to evolve, as they serve as powerful sources of radiation. This is because a single device power of VED, exceed those of solid-state devices by such large margins, up to THz as the electron beam flows without any collision in a vacuum device. Some of the vacuum electron devices are Magnetron, Klystron and TWTs and new generation devices like Gyrotron, FEL, MILO, EIO, and EIKs. Despite many valuable, useful applications, the adoption of terahertz waves has been slow because of the limited output power available from current sources like HEMT, optically pumped lasers, Gunn and IMPATT diodes. Gyrotrons, Backward wave oscillator are some of the technologies that are currently in the process of bridging this gap. Micro-EDM and Si DRIE and LIGA technologies offer the best prospects for THz-regime Vacuum Electronic Device fabrication.

Violence Against Women

Doctoral Workshop, Tradition vs Modernity : Issues and Perspectives, ACTS Academy of Higher Education, Bangalore, 10.7.2017.

Violence against Women is one of the most pervasive violations of human rights in the world, one of the least prosecuted crimes, and one of the greatest threats to lasting peace and development.  We often see in newspapers about gang rape, rape of infants, domestic violence and many others. And we all know that we have to do much more to respond to the cries for justice of women and children who have suffered and who are suffering from violence. Statistics say that 9 out of 10 women face violence while only one out of ten men faces that.  Around one in three girls in some developing countries is married as a child bride; almost 140 million girls and women have suffered female genital mutilation, and millions of women and girls are trafficked in modern-day slavery and raped. It is time for action. If left unaddressed, these human rights violations pose serious consequences for current and future generations and for efforts to ensure peace and security and will incur tremendous costs to communities, nations, and societies—for public well-being, health, and safety. Abuse and violence is a mammoth and a very critical issue as it is directly related to the future of our nation. Abuse can be defined as –   the act of anyone who would silence you or take your power, your self-respect, your dignity, your voice, your freedom, no matter if they do it with their fist or with a bouquet. Authentic love does not devalue another human being; it does not silence, shame or abuse.   It is not okay to remain in abuse. Everyone deserves love and support.

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Leadership Development

Faculty Development program Women’s Christian College, Chennai, 15.6.2017.

When we think of leaders, many of us carry this image of this all-knowing superhero who stands and commands and protects his followers. But that’s kind of an image from the previous era. The best leaders don’t create followers; they create more leaders. A leader leads based on strengths, not titles. A leader can be anyone on the team with a particular talent, who can take the team from ordinary to extraordinary by creatively thinking out of the box. Leadership is not a hierarchical notion, but a frame of mind and attitude. It is not about blowing a trumpet, but about making music that speaks to one’s soul. The primary focus of leadership journey is to identify the talents within us and in others, grow, support that and nurture that.  Leadership is very diverse. It can be as intimate as words of guidance and encouragement to a loved one or as formal as instructions passed through extended lines of communication in organizations. Leadership can be nurturing the character and self-worth in children and promoting greater intimacy and fulfillment in personal relationships, or it can involve distributing diverse resources in an organization to accomplish a specific objective and task.  An educator is a leader as he establishes a proactive learning environment for the students and challenges them to transcend their boundaries every day.  Education is more than assessment and acquiring of knowledge. But it is a realization of the potential for personal development. It is dynamic. Educators create an environment that is truly sensational. The educators develop a classroom space that inspires development, that accepts diversity; that promotes creativity; that makes the students passionate about their studies. The students are constantly encouraged to question, to discover and to challenge, and satisfy their innermost desires. These educators invest themselves in the lives of the students. Such educators are real leaders.

Education, Science, & Empowerment of Women: Emerging Scenario

Workshop on Women in Science,  NMKRV College for Women, Jayanagar, Bangalore, 3.3.2017; National Level IQAC Conference on Higher Education of Women in India-Opportunities and Challenges, Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College, Bangalore, 26.2.2016.

Higher education of women is going to be the game changer for India. Since the independence of our country, though the women literacy rate has grown from leaps and bounds from 22% in 1971 to 67 % in the latest poll, the gap between women and men are still severe. India holds the second position in the world of having the highest population with approximately 49% female in it. Still, large womenfolk of our country are illiterate, poor, backward and exploited.  If India has to become a superpower and a developed country by 2020, we cannot neglect the importance of higher education and women empowerment through it. A massive demographic shift in the field of higher education has to happen that will have serious implications on the progress of the country. Many types of research confirm that the key to the economic progress of a country lies in unleashing women’s potential and countries such as China have prospered precisely because they emancipated women and brought them into the formal economy. David Landes, the eminent Harvard historian in his book, The Wealth and Poverty of Nations, asserts that one of the key forces behind how the economy of a country will perform is its openness to new ideas.  And one of the best gauges of that openness is how a country treats its women. Companies that support women are more profitable than companies that don’t. Kathy Matsui, the renowned top-ranked equity strategist in Japan, conducted groundbreaking research on what she calls “Womenomics” which points to investing in women’s higher education as the key to creating stronger economies and the best investment our generation can make for global peace and sustainable development and is the best strategy for fighting poverty.   Mahatma Gandhi once said, if you educate a man you educate a person but if you educate a woman you educate a nation. His words are very meaningful.

Dreaming Big

Graduation Day of final year students, The Cathedral Composite PU College & High School, 4.3.2017.

What is the meaning of your life?  What is your vision? What are your short term and long term goal? What are your dreams? Never think that you are young for your dreams.  Dreams are the starting point of all achievements. Eleanor Roosevelt said that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Just as our eyes need light to see, our minds need ideas and dreams to conceive. Even the impossible, can be made possible by a dream. Former President APJ Abdul Kalam India’s Missile Man, a prolific writer, and a speaker says Dream, dream, dream! Convert these dreams into thought, and then transform them into action. Throughout history, humanity has repeatedly demonstrated that focused mental effort can produce miracles. This is because when an idea exclusively occupies the mind, it has the effect of transforming our thoughts into powerful magnets, which attract to us the forces, people and circumstances necessary to convert our dreams into reality.

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Waveguide Windows

6′th International Conference on Advances in Computing & Communications,      Rajagiri College of Engineering, Kochi, 7.9.2016.

A waveguide window is a passive device which serves to isolate the high vacuum inside the device from the atmospheric pressure outside while allowing electromagnetic energy to pass through the structure without significant degradation. The ideal window should have low power absorption, high transmission, high mechanical strength, and high thermal conductivity and should be able to hold the desired vacuum level of the tube. Windows can be used in many possible configurations in vacuum tubes depending on the bandwidth and power handling capability for various applications. For high power tubes, three different types of window configuration are generally used: the rectangular single block window, the multilayer window, and the thin disc pillbox window. The rectangular single block windows are rugged and have excellent transmission over a narrow band, whereas, the multilayer window and pillbox windows give a broadband performance. Material choice is very important when designing a microwave window due to the ultra-high vacuum environment. Materials like CVD diamond, Alumina, Beryllium oxide; sapphire4 and Quartz are mostly used in RF windows.

An Overview of High Power Microwaves

Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin, 16.12.2016.

In the modern battlefield dominated by electronic warfare and smart weapons systems, high power microwave weapons are greatly preferred. An HPM weapon is a device designed to disrupt, degrade, or destroy targets by radiating electromagnetic energy in the RF spectrum, typically in the microwave frequency regime. The basic elements of an HPM device are a power source, a microwave source, and a transmitter. They determine the HPM beam’s characteristics and power. These along with the target’s vulnerabilities, determine the effective range. HPM weapons can be divided into narrow-band, and ultra-wideband weapons. A narrow-band device emits all its energy within one percent of the central frequency whereas an ultra-wideband device disperses its energy over a bandwidth from 100s of megahertz to several gigahertz wide. There are two pathways high power microwaves can seep into an electronic system. First, RF energy enters the system through a component or sensor designed to receive the energy like a radar antenna, known as front-door coupling. Second, HPMs can enter through other apertures or cracks that allow the energy to diffuse into the system, known as back-door coupling.

Analysis of H-plane discontinuity using Mode Matching Technique

Second International Conference on Innovative Advancement in Engineering and Technology, IAET 2016, National University, Jaipur, 1.4.2016.

In rectangular waveguides, junction problems can be classified as H-plane problems and E-plane problems. In H-plane problems, the analysis takes place in the plane of the magnetic field of the fundamental mode of the waveguide, whereas in E-plane problem, the analysis takes place in the plane of Electric field of the fundamental mode of the waveguide. A  waveguide discontinuity can be analyzed using analytical or using 3-D  simulation.  Mode matching provides a quick way to analyze these discontinuity problems. The mode matching technique is based on the matching of the total modes at each discontinuity junction between the uniform sections under appropriate boundary conditions.  When combined with the generalized scattering matrix technique, this mode matching technique becomes a great method to study many composite waveguide structures.  The term generalized implies that both propagating and evanescent modes are taken for the calculation.

Say No to Abuse and Draw your Boundaries

Women’s Freedom Conference by Love at the Cross Trust, Chennai, 19.5.2016.

Around 38% of all murders of women worldwide are done by their intimate partners, and every one out of 4 women suffers violence as per WHO research. 70% of all married women in India are victims of beating and rape as per UN population fund report. BBC infestations reveal that in the year 2013, there were around 34000 rape cases while domestic violence amounts to 119000.  These numbers are alarming. Mark Green says if the numbers we see in domestic violence were applied to terrorism or gang violence, the entire country would be up in arms and it would be the lead story on the news. Abuse can be of many types, physical, emotional, psychological and sexual. It can be perpetrated against a child, against an elder, against any vulnerable person and mostly against the intimate partners. Every one of you is in the middle of a life story, and your story is being shaped by what you are saying yes to and what you are saying no to. Your yeses and nos are what boundaries are made of. These two words – yes or no – are great tools.  You use this to make your decision, figure out your relationships and to check your boundaries.  One may become entangled in boundary issues in two ways – (1) trespassing – when someone intrudes on your space without invitation and (2) – enmeshment – the failure to honor the psychological autonomy of another. It involves an inappropriate merging of identities and gets even more complicated if you become codependent, either by inappropriately involving others in getting your needs met or by acting inappropriately to fulfill others’ needs, thus robbing them of their independence. Because codependency is so widespread, many people are equally, mutually enmeshed – a situation that can be very difficult to change. Love honors boundaries through restraint. Enmeshment is insidious because you often feel compelled or imprisoned by it. You can learn to recognize trespassing and enmeshment. Personal boundaries help to limit our selfish inclination to control or manipulate others. Likewise, boundaries protect us from those who have no self-control and who wish to control us.

Is the Bible Sexist?

RZIM, UESI center, Laitumkhrah, Shillong, 26.6.2015.

As a child, I believed that to be born as a boy is better than to be born as a girl, as my brothers were stronger and faster and they had more freedom to go anywhere. This flawed logic and erroneous idea that males are superior to females has seeped into the thinking of many.  Some even say that the Bible speaks about the supremacy of the male gender or the Bible is sexist. However, this is wrong and scriptural ignorance as the Lord has made both man and woman in His own image in a unique way. A person whose identity is firmly rooted in Christ; who walks in the supreme love and biblical fear of God; and give God His proper place of ultimate authority will find the idea of male supremacy to be unthinkable. As we examine the Bible, we can find that many women have taken important roles like Esther, Deborah, Mary Magdalene and so on. Throughout the Bible there are numerous positive images of women – like comparison of the church to the bride of Christ. From beginning to end, the Bible includes the feminine as an integral part of the Judaeo-Christian tradition. While it is true that the Bible is written over a long period of time into specific cultures, and that some of these contexts did not give equal social advantages to women, it is not right to say that the message of the Bible is sexist. Jesus went against the cultural trends time and time again by talking to women (Samaritan woman); by having female disciples who travelled with Him and by engaging in theological study with them(Luke 10:38). After His resurrection, Jesus Christ first appeared to a woman disciple called Mary Magdalene. There are so many incidences in Bible to show that Bible is not sexist.

When Hope was Born

The Message of Christmas by IIT Christian Fellowship, IIT, Chennai, 27.11.2015.

The three prongs of the Christian life are faith, hope, and love. It is easy to emphasize faith and love while ignoring hope. Christian hope is infectious; it is real, it is secure, and it is a valuable signal to a world full of shallow hopes or no hope. Bible calls Jesus Christ as the hope of glory.  This is because outside of the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ, there is no hope in this world. If our hope is anchored in this great and ultimate reality, it is life transforming. I would like to give you three main reasons for hope which is rooted in truth and relevance.  (1)  A hope based on the Character of God. Isaiah 9:6 says that He will be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. This gives the four aspects – Wisdom, Power, love, and Peace; that can give hope to a hopeless person submerged hopeless. (2)  A hope based on our inherent worth. The value God places on our life is much more than we could imagine.   The insight that every human being is created in the image of God makes us want to treat them with dignity and respect. We are the child of the King of the universe; made in His image, and that makes us significant.  (3) Hope based on His indwelling Presence. When we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord, a great exchange takes place.  Our sins, guilt, sufferings, and pains are put upon Him, and His righteousness, joy, and peace fill us. Moreover, something great happens. We are automatically and instantaneously placed into the family of God and Jesus through His Holy Spirit comes and takes up residence within you. This is our hope. Christ is us, the hope of glory. This is the grand secret, the mystery of mysteries.

CIET Analysis of Circular Waveguide with Dielectric Discs

Fifth International Conference on Advances in Computing and Communications, Rajagiri College of Engineering, 3.9.2015.

CIET or the Coupled Integral Equation Technique (CIET) has the analytical content of the Mode Matching method with the inclusion of edge conditions, and solution using the Method of Moments. In this technique, a set of coupled integral equations in the tangential electric fields at the gaps of the interfaces are derived and solved by the moment method using basis functions, which include the edge conditions. The dispersion characteristics of the circular waveguide with dielectric disks was computed for the TM01 mode propagation using the CIET technique. This result was validated against numerical simulation through MAFIA and the results obtained using the mode-matching technique and they agree very closely.

Domestic Violence & Book Release – When The Flame Flickers

by Justice S. Vimala of Madras HC,         Workshop on Legal Literacy for Women Empowerment, Department of Criminology, Madras University, 8.5.2015; By Police Commissioner, MN Reddi, IPS, Police Commissioner’s Office, Bangalore, 21.2.2015; Seminar, Ecumenical Christian Centre, Whitefield, Bangalore, 4.10.2014.

Domestic violence is the willful intimidation, violence and other abusive behaviors perpetrated by an intimate partner against another. It is an epidemic, an epidemic that is affecting every community regardless of age, regardless of nationality, regardless of religion, economic status and educational background. It explodes in various forms such as physical, sexual and psychological. Not every place in the world has a problem with hunger, but every place in the world has problems with domestic violence. Domestic violence is a systematic pattern of control through violence. The hallmark of Domestic violence can be seen if a marriage is full violence, apologies, false promises and crocodile tears. Domestic Violence generally follows a three-stage cycle: The first is the ‘Tension building stage’: where the communication between the two drastically reduces, leading to passive aggression on the part of the victim and her awful fear of triggering her partner’s angry outbursts. This stage can last for a few hours to a few months. The next is the ‘The battering stage’: where the abuser tries to dominate and control his partner by overpowering her through a number of violent and abusive incidents. Then comes the ‘The honeymoon stage’: where the abuser cries, feels very sorry that the violence had happened and promises that it will never happen again. He takes her to the doctor if she requires medical assistance and threatens self harm or to commit suicide, if the victim plans to leave him. Even though the victim is badly abused, she gives him yet another chance. Hope springs eternal in the woman’s heart and she really believes with all her heart that he will change. She really wants him to change. But the abuser has made this promise over a hundred times; after a brief respite, he abuses her again and the cycle starts all over again. Domestic violence destroys life. It tears apart families and children exposed to violence develop social, psychological and behavioral problems and many become dysfunctional.  It violates the basic dignity and opportunity that every woman desires. It is our duty to stop this violence that destroys lives so that we can restore families.

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Child Abuse

Seminar on Child Abuse organized by Mahila Dakshata Samiti, Police Commissioner’s Office, Bangalore, 15.11.2014.

India ranks second among the top 5 countries with the highest rates of child abuse as per the survey conducted by the International Business Times, UK. It also says that India has seen an increase of 336% of child rape cases from 2001 to 2011 and imagined in just ten years, 48338 children are getting raped. And boys and girls equally were victims of sexual abuse. Child abuse is an act by caregivers or outsiders which endangers a child’s physical or emotional health or development. Child abuse can be physical, emotional, and sexual or neglect. Physical abuse occurs when a child is injured (bruises, cuts, burns, dislocations, bites or fractures) intentionally or by physically aggressive treatment. Emotional Abuse occurs when a child is rejected, threatened or frightened by calling names or put-downs. Sexual abuse occurs when a person uses power or authority over a child to involve the child in sexual activities. Neglect is the failure to provide the child with the necessities of life such as food, clothing, shelter, or medical attention. Boys are more at risk than girls with physical abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect; however, there are more girls sexually abused than boys. Children can be abused at any age. All forms of abuse are likely to result in emotional problems for the child, in particular, a lack of self-esteem and distrust of adults. The longer the abuse goes on, the more serious are the effects. Abused and neglected children are more likely than other children to be self-destructive or aggressive, to abuse drugs and alcohol, or become young offenders. Many adults who have been abused as children are also more likely to abuse their children and often experience difficulties in forming satisfactory relationships with other adult eg., Hitler and Stalin. Every child has a right to a safe childhood and a life free from violence. The experience of child abuse and neglect infringe upon that right. When child abuse is reported, first the safety of the child should be assured, and then the effects of trauma can be overcome or reduced through professional counselling or other supportive interventions.

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