Latha Christie, Ph.D.


God in the midst of Gratuitous Evil

A few months back, I was shattered in my spirit after hearing of the sad demise of my dear colleague’s 22 year old daughter in a horrible road accident.  After two decades of being a single parent and bringing her up through life’s many difficulties, this was not...

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Is Biblical Faith blind?

In the award winning movie, Nacho Libro, when asked by Nacho whether he wants a little taste of glory, Esqueleto replies, “ I don’t believe in God.  I believe in science.” Are God and science opposite to one another? This rather strange and perverted thought is...

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The marvels and mysteries of Science

Lord Kelvin said in 1900: "There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now. All that remains is more and more precise measurement." Within three decades, quantum mechanics and Einstein's theory of relativity had revolutionized the field. Each new discovery seems...

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The Grand Designer

One of my early memories, probably when I was about seven, was lying on a cot with my siblings in the open air, looking up at the starry sky with the wild imaginings of a child. We would try to spot the constellations and memorize their names. My father, who was a...

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Beating on the Chest of God

Long time ago, I was beating on His Chest, Not knowing that I was doing so Within the circle of His Arms. Until one day I noticed the wound on His Chest Intrigued I moved closer and still closer And was drawn by a powerful loving force that sucked me Through the wound...

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