RZIM, UESI center, Laitumkhrah, Shillong, 26.6.2015.

As a child, I believed that to be born as a boy is better than to be born as a girl, as my brothers were stronger and faster and they had more freedom to go anywhere. This flawed logic and erroneous idea that males are superior to females has seeped into the thinking of many.  Some even say that the Bible speaks about the supremacy of the male gender or the Bible is sexist. However, this is wrong and scriptural ignorance as the Lord has made both man and woman in His own image in a unique way. A person whose identity is firmly rooted in Christ; who walks in the supreme love and biblical fear of God; and give God His proper place of ultimate authority will find the idea of male supremacy to be unthinkable. As we examine the Bible, we can find that many women have taken important roles like Esther, Deborah, Mary Magdalene and so on. Throughout the Bible there are numerous positive images of women – like comparison of the church to the bride of Christ. From beginning to end, the Bible includes the feminine as an integral part of the Judaeo-Christian tradition. While it is true that the Bible is written over a long period of time into specific cultures, and that some of these contexts did not give equal social advantages to women, it is not right to say that the message of the Bible is sexist. Jesus went against the cultural trends time and time again by talking to women (Samaritan woman); by having female disciples who travelled with Him and by engaging in theological study with them(Luke 10:38). After His resurrection, Jesus Christ first appeared to a woman disciple called Mary Magdalene. There are so many incidences in Bible to show that Bible is not sexist.